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How to avoid importing an affected vehicle from Japan

This page provides tools to help you identify vehicles offered at auction in Japan that cannot be imported into New Zealand unless supported by proof that outstanding recalls have been resolved - notably those fitted with Takata Alpha airbags.

  • From 1 May 2018 Japanese recalled vehicles must have Takata Alpha airbags and some other Takata airbags repaired in order to pass inspection in Japan.
  • From 31 May 2018, vehicles with outstanding recalls for these airbags cannot be imported into New Zealand.

These tools are based on recalls listed by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Toursim (MLIT)). You can either:

In practice you should only import affected vehicles if they have passed a Japanese ‘Shaken’ test after 1 May 2018.

Note that as the importer you are responsible for confirming all safety recalls have been resolved before a vehicle is exported to New Zealand.

Warning: If you import a vehicle with airbags removed, you will not be able to sell it in New Zealand for some time:

  • Replacement airbags for non-New Zealand vehicles will only be available once suitable parts have been sourced. New Zealand distributors are fully committed, processing vehicles already subject to New Zealand recalls for Takata airbags.
  • You will be charged by the New Zealand distributor for supply and fitting of replacement airbags.


Enter chassis number(s)

What you need to do before exporting each vehicle depends on the results from this search:

    Irrespective of any information available through the MLIT website, this vehicle cannot be legally imported. It will be:
    • damage flagged on export, and
    • subject to forfeit on arrival in New Zealand.
    Repeat the search with single chassis numbers to see the recall outcomes to be AVOIDed, then search the MLIT website for the same chassis to see which recalls are outstanding. If any listed recall outcomes (eg "not fixed") are outstanding then the vehicle will be:
    • damage flagged on export, and
    • subject to forfeit on arrival in New Zealand.
  • CHECK (only if you wish to check for non-Alpha recalls)
    As above, repeat the search for the chassis number, and then compare with the MLIT website. If any listed recall outcomes (eg ‘not fixed’) are outstanding then:
    • get the recall resolved before the vehicle is exported, otherwise
    • you will be responsible for costs of replacing the Takata airbags once the vehicle is in New Zealand.
  • NO MATCH FOUND – either
    • the vehicle is unaffected by Takata recalls as far as we can tell, or
    • the chassis number has not been correctly entered.

This is the best information available to Waka Kotahi at this time, and it may be expanded or amended at a later date.

For some makes the MLIT website may not include information for deregistered vehicles. Instead you may be required to contact the manufacturer's call centre in Japan.

MLIT website


Makes with outstanding recalls