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Safety Recalls Database

Manufacturers sometimes recall vehicles when defects in their design or production become evident. These can range from minor problems to major faults that affect a vehicle's safety and performance.

The table below lists all current recalls.   More about recalls >>


Make: Model: Show closed recall

MakeModelYearRecall DateStatus 
ApriliaCaponord 1200201307 Apr 2014OpenShow details
BMW3 Series F3x201221 Jan 2014OpenShow details
BMW3 Series F3x201321 Jan 2014OpenShow details
BMW5 series200302 Apr 2012OpenShow details
BMW5 series200402 Apr 2012OpenShow details
BMW5 series200502 Apr 2012OpenShow details
BMW5 series200602 Apr 2012OpenShow details
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This website has been developed by the NZ Transport Agency to provide vehicle owners with information to assist in the identification of and management of vehicle related safety recalls. It has been developed with the cooperation of the Motor Industry Association (MIA) and the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.