About this site

This website has been developed by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to provide vehicle owners with information to assist in the identification of and management of vehicle related safety recalls. It has been developed with the cooperation of the Motor Industry Association (MIA) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Vehicle manufacturers advise Waka Kotahi or MBIE of recalls – and an assessment is made about whether the proposed response to a given safety issue is appropriate. The recall will be supported and monitored as required.

For used vehicles imported into New Zealand, while the responsibility to address any safety recalls lies ultimately with the vehicle manufacturer overseas, the importer of the vehicle also has a responsibility under New Zealand consumer law to ensure the product they are supplying is safe and fit for purpose.

The MIA, in conjunction with Waka Kotahi, have developed a code of practice that outlines the responsibilities and obligations in relation to both new and used vehicle safety.

The Waka Kotahi vehicle safety recalls process is endorsed by MBIE, who commend the MIA and their members for their proactive approach in the management of vehicle related safety recall campaigns. For more details on product safety recall requirements please visit the Ministry’s Consumer Protection web site.

MIA’s codes of practice
Consumer Protection’s product recalls